The very first harmonica that Kat Fountain ever purchased was in Connecticut toy store in the mid 1990's.  What initially was an impulse buy on an overcast day, turned out to be the corner-stone in her musical career. Over the last ten years, Kat has traveled and toured across the United States as a harmonica soloist and songwriter in several different projects. Her rare ability to absolutely tear apart the harmonica, play multiple instruments and write meaningful lyrics to classic blues and country inspired melodies has never ceased to inspire those who listen to her music. 
 In Kat's debut album, "Care Less, Do More", her songwriting provides a haunting and provoking reminder that roots acoustic music is anything from dead.  She lays down original tunes that come from the true stories in a way that's genuine.  Recorded in her living room genuine.  Fountain's bluegrass-inspired rhythm guitar picking and folky songwriting resonates with people who are looking for something real, and with something with grit.  Here in Portland Oregon, Kat dedicates her time to continuously shaping her multi-instrumental base, and catching salmon in the Pacific Northwest.